About Us

The Essential Parent Company was created by Dr Rebecca Chicot a Cambridge PhD in Child Development and Parenting, and Diana Hill, an award-winning BBC science documentary film-maker.


Rebecca and Diana worked together for years at the BBC making science documentaries. Diana has one son called Oscar who is six years old and Rebecca has three children; Miranda, Benedict and Iris.

After having their own children, they saw the need for visual baby care guides and realised that they had exactly the right background to make them!

It took a few years to get off the ground – juggling work and babies, and trying to find the time to work out how to make the DVDs. A big break came when they won the South Cambridgeshire District Council’s “Step Up” Award for aspiring small businesses. Beating tough competition, including biotech companies and the like, the win gave them access to local accountants, offices lawyers and a PR company. Soon after the win, the company finally found four fantastic investors, and production of the DVDs followed soon after.

The Essential Parent Company is a small company funded by four business angels. None of our investment comes from formula milk or baby food companies and we are a completely independent company. We have followed advice from *UNICEF UK Baby Friendly, *Royal College of Paediatrics and our other expert organisations to provide parents with independent evidence based information.

We are providing our visual material via our Award Winning Essential Baby Care app free to health visitors, paediatricians and GPs.

Please get in touch if you would like any further information about the company and our voluntary work.

*Representatives from these groups have advised, watched and had editorial input into the filmed resources on The Essential Baby Care Guide DVDs and Apps.